"Do or do not....there is no try."
                  - Master Yoda
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We are USA Disc Golf! You are USA Disc Golf! Welcome to
our "temporary web portal of disc golf wonder"! While we
are focusing much of our energy into our first
USA-sponsored PDGA event, the Crossroads Open in
May, our "responsive design" website overhaul
continues. It's nothing like what it will look like when
finished, but feel free to poke around!
USA Disc Golf is a group of disc golfers and professionals
across the nation working together to promote and
develop disc golf responsibly and professionally. While
the groundwork for USA Disc Golf has been developing
for years, the company officially formed at the beginning
of 2013. Our aim  to support, promote and coexist with
other disc golf entrepreneurs and organizations who
also value honesty, integrity and community as highly as
we do. We feel that disc golf can help people lead
healthy, productive lives. Do you truly love disc golf? Do
you have any specific skills that can help disc golf
advance into the future while retaining the qualities that
make it so great? Come join us! Zollstrasse